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Why roof inspections are important

By maintaining the life of your roof system, it allows you to plan and budget for your roof replacement. Don't be stuck with a damaged roof and having to pay a large amount of cash you can't afford. Schedule your roof inspection today!

• Keeping the roof clean to prevent damage and increase drainage

• Finding and fixing small problems before they become larger problems

• Satisfying manufacturer recommendations or requirements for roof warranties

• Professional insight on leaks unrelated to the roof system

• Real time and up-to-date assessment of the condition of  the roof system as a whole, including remaining life expectancy

Benefits of roof inspections:

The key to extending the life of a commercial or industrial roof is constant maintenance.  At Mikalan Roofing Inc., we offer and recommend annual roof inspections to monitor the condition of your roof system and to catch any small defects before they become a larger and sometimes more expensive problem.  Inspections can include minor repairs and we offer quotes for any larger work that may be needed.

Maintain the life of your roof system

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